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Having been in the packaging game for 16 years, we have seen so many kraft paper bags that fail to do their job and jeopardize the customer experience. 

A durable kraft paper bag is supposed to protect your goods, reduce waste, and promote your brands. It must meet the customer’s expectation of strength and durability.

Huide Packaging has helped thousands of organizations bring their packaging design to life. You can trust us to handle your kraft paper bag demands at any volume with the highest quality you deserve.

Nowadays, kraft paper bags have come to be the most recent trend worldwide for various purposes like carrying things, product packaging, etc.

This popularity is not only because of the eco-friendly choice but also because it can enable even more customization options compared to plastic bags.

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With countless advantages, these paper shopping bags are assisting the ambiance to eliminate numerous dangerous toxins and conserving aquatic life from the plastic. Along with that, if you discuss organization, it is not just a brown kraft paper bag for them, it is a possibility to make their business brand name recognized by customers and make good-looking earnings as well as growth.

Moreover, if you see the manufacturing of paper shopping bags, its equipment was found by Francis Wolle in the year 1852. With this invention, unbelievable choices are establishing since then with many high qualities like multiple-use, eco-friendly, recyclable, and so on

. These kinds of paper bags can be found in a wide range of sizes and colors according to the customer’s needs and business. Customers can custom the shopping bags with various materials, colors, size, printing, handles. Small or huge, black or white, handle or no handle, gift bags or shopping bags, all are available to select colors and each of the different type of paper bags has its use. Also, the price varies by different factors, including the order quantity, size, color, printing. So, let’s discover different types of shopping bags made use of nowadays for diverse functions:

    1. Simple brown kraft paper bags

These brown color kraft paper bags are one of the usual and straightforward types of shopping bags or gift bags that you can see in a wide range of wholesale, retail, or grocery stores and department business. Primarily, they are utilized to store varied sorts of grocery items or gifts.

They are made with the help of perfect eco-friendly brown kraft paper, and the bottom is reinforced with an additional sheet of brown color or white color kraft paper only.

Well, if you talk about its durability, then it is not that durable yet a customer can use kraft paper bags many times till it wears out. The best part is, the reusing procedure of these brown kraft colored paper bags is very easy to handle.

    2. SOS bags

SOS implies Stand-on-shelf shopping bags without handles that are extremely comparable to kraft paper shopping bags if you speak about design. Primarily, it is made use of to lug lunch for both white-collar worker and also school-going children. Nonetheless, if you contrast these SOS paper shopping bags with kraft paper bags, SOS shopping bags are more trusted and lead to leading manage.

They not only be available in the brown color and white color; rather, you can find a wide assortment of colors in these types of bags, red, rose red, green, white, black. The best component is customer can make a selection for product packaging bag and gift bags.

    3. Pinch bottom bags

Pinch bottom paper bag resemble envelopes and also can be used for product packaging small pack of item. The construction of these shopping bags is performed so that they remain open when customers add to cart and put items inside bags.

However, this type of bag features the conical end, envelope-like seal, and also with grease-resistant cellular lining. It is perfect choices to store bake made and completely dry products. Search what you want in Huide, or get support from our customer service, we’ll give you a great new experience in custom shopping bags.

    4. Merchandise bags

As the name claims item, they are generally used for business company functions and no question they are of perfect quality. Both small and big retail stores use these shopping bags to promote as well as attract their customers. In addition to that, numerous online shops have actually take these merchandise bags for item shipping.

Additionally, with the support of some modification, business owners or countless occasion coordinators make these paper bags natural, appealing and also remarkable.

    5. Euro tote

It is called an advanced lunch bag, and also its design is extremely similar to SOS bag. However, the only difference is that it includes fancy handles, customized branding, and a wide range of surface finishes.

It is called a paper bag, but if you speak about its recycling, it is fairly tricky as plastic cellular lining and metalized inks are great used while manufacturing. However, there’s only water-based ink in colored printing on item, in order to save the green planet. That’s also a factor to the different price.

Along with that, speaking about their toughness, these Euro totes are very long-lasting and can be quickly reused countless times while going shopping or storing anything. Additionally, if you speak about its popularity, countless reputed, as well as identified brand names list, have actually migrated to euro tote from plastic bag for the customer to carry. And the factor for this change is brand exposure.

   6. Bakery bags

These bakery bags are generally used to save and also store food items. Nonetheless, they are covered with Glassline or wax, and also manufacturers add numerous appealing designs and sizes to these colored pastry shop bags.

We find they are preferably used to maintain the real taste and quality of every disposable item, making them ideal for storing bread, cookies, and even coffee.

    7. Party bags

Whatever be the occasion, be it a birthday, any event, bachelorette event, or any other special event, you can gift any item like sugary foods, gift cards, etc to your close and darlings in these gift bags.

To make gift bags eye-catching, they’re manufactured with shiny bright-color kraft papers that fill in kraft paper after getting ready.

    8. Mailing bags

If you talk about e-commerce shipping after that, these mailing bags are quite renowned as well as worth it. There are great deals on items that are small and jam-packed in these bags. Furthermore, several of these bags come with a self-adhesive strip to shut them.

    9. Recycled bags

As the name claims, they are produced with recycled paper as their primary raw material. The main reason to generate paper bags with recycled paper is that paper is produced using wood pulp, which leads to logging.

    10. Vogue bags

This is a sophisticated and attractive choice for plain paper. These types of bags are made use of by most of the retail stores. Nevertheless, they are enormous as well as large, and also the customer can carry them several times. If you talk about making a brand considered and recognized, these bags are the very best example of it.

Along with that, these Style bags are also utilized for providing gifts to family and friends.

After reviewing numerous kinds of bags that are made use of nowadays globally, you may be thinking about the different types of paper bag products are utilized in their production. So, paper produces usage primarily four kinds of documents. They are:

  1. Kraft paper
  2. Coated paper
  3. White cardboard
  4. Offset paper

According to the usage, every one of the different types of paper bags is made keeping in mind their durability, level of smoothness, and aesthetics.

Paper bags are one of the most frequently used bags nowadays to safeguard the environment and make it risk-free, environment-friendly, and the majority essentially tidy. As well as on the other hand, services are maximizing this process in the name of ecological worry. Besides this, if you want to make such a kind of payment in making the environment and your own secure, go with these bags.

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