When It Comes To Paper Bags, We've Got You Covered.

Huide Packaging "汇德包装", has been proud to provide quality, custom paper bags across a broad range of market sectors for 16 years.

Custom Paper Bags Company

What We Can Do

Huide Packaging is proud to offer faster and more efficient production of custom-built paper bags.

We specialize in fulfilling high-volume orders but also are flexible for small projects. Whatever your specification, we can customize printed bags and services to your budget. 

Custom Kraft Paper Bags - HDPK

01. Production

You Can Trust Us To Handle Your Paper Bag Demands At Any Volume With The Highest Quality You Deserve.


paper bag printing

Our state-of-the-art 8-color flexo printers produce accurate and excellent colors to help you bring your custom paper bag to life.


paper bag supplier paper bag factory

Our advanced automatic bag-making machines, and paper converting machines maximize production efficiency while reducing environmental impact.


Our expert engineers and skilled technicians keep these machines running smoothly and efficiently.

QC Program​

paper bag quality control

We maintain on-site quality control programs ensuring there are no delays, color imperfections, or quality issues of your custom paper bags.

02. Portfolio

Whether You Are Looking For Versatile White Kraft Paper Bags, Printed Take-out Bags, Durable Grocery Bags, Or Luxury Retail Bags, We Are Your One-Stop Factory For All Your Packaging Production Needs.

03. Options

We’ve collected an extensive library of materials, bag handles, and we’re always on the hunt for the latest cutting-edge finishing technology. If you’re looking for something specific we can always help source the material you want!

We are committed to customer satisfaction, and work practices are tailored for each customer.

What Makes Our Service Unique

Fast Production

8-color press

Highly Customizable

Can Hold At Least 10kg/22lb​


ISO9001 Quality Assurance

Recyclable & Biodegradable

Explore Our Factory

We have expanded to a 485,000 sqft new facility in 2020. This expansion takes our paper bag production to an entirely new level with modern office areas, conference rooms and bright, clean production spaces.






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