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From concept to delivery, from design to production, we are your one-stop manufacturer for all your custom packaging needs. 

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Packaging Solution

Custom Paper Bag

Durable, recyclable, and perfect for cost-effective marketing, custom paper bag packaging solution will help your business stand out from the competition.

Packaging Solution

Custom Paper Box

Affordable but stylish custom printed paper box solution tailored to your brand and product, at factory-direct prices that you’ll love.

A sustainable packaging solution that you'll be proud of !

Customized Solutions

We provide a full range of custom options, including packaging sizes, styles, materials, finishing techniques, and the ability to die-cut anywhere for art or logo decorations.

Comprehensive Support

We have an in-house design team and engineering professionals to answer all your questions and assist you through each phase of your packaging project.

Competitive Pricing

Factory-direct pricing and no middle man fees. Partner with us today for premium paper packaging supplies while reducing your supply cost by 20 percent.

Advanced Equipments

We house a variety of cutting-edge machinery, including foil hot stamping lines, debossing/embossing lines, laminating lines, and printers capable of 8-color and water-based flexographic print.

Color Control

Our state-of-the-art flexo printing machines produce accurate and excellent colors to help you bring your gorgeous packaging design to life.


We go beyond the required levels to be a sustainable paper packaging manufacturer. As such, we have obtained ISO 9001 certification & FSC certification

All our packaging products are crafted to exceed your expectations

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It goes beyond completing a custom packaging project.

We care about developing client relationships and investing our creativity to design, craft, engineer, and manufacture a perfect custom packaging supply that exceeds our standards and your expectation, all at our factory-direct price that you’ll love.

Become a leader in corporate social responsibility by switching to sustainable packaging solutions



Whether your packaging project is a small custom boxes for e-commerce business or a global merchandise packaging solution, we are your one-stop-supplier for all your packaging demands.

We have the design, manufacturing, and logistics know-how to keep your production lines supplied with premium packaging, all at our factory-direct quote that you’ll love.

Factory-direct prices and no middleman fees. Save 30% on custom packaging supplies


Success Across Industries

See how the world’s most innovative brands are using eco-friendly paper bags and boxes for packaging. 

We serve a broad range of industries ranging from fashion and sportswear to food and beverages.

We go beyond the required standards to be a custom packaging supplier. As such, we have obtained ISO 9001 & FSC certification

Elevate The Customer Experience

Imagine a world where custom paper packaging doesn’t exist.

Everything you sell only goes in the same plain kraft paper bags or unprinted mailing boxes, with nothing to distinguish your brand from the rest. 

Nobody posts photos of your packages or shares unboxing videos on social media.

People don’t make purchasing choices based on brand awareness.

It sounds terrible, doesn’t it?

Running a business today means you have to catch up with modern marketing trends to compete with other companies in the same field. 

More and more people purchase goods online instead of going to stores, which suggests your competitors are just a few clicks away. 

You have to find a way to impress your client and promote your brand awareness. 

The most efficient but affordable approach is  custom packaging.That’s why HDPK exists.

You don’t have to settle for plain, boring packaging solutions anymore. 

Let us help you design a one-of-a-kind custom packaging to better compete in today’s retail environment.



Protect Your Products

Another archetype of how custom packaging boxes advantages your merchandise is the protection of the item itself. The custom packaging solution’s primary feature is to hold and secure the product inside, ensuring it continues to be undamaged from the logistics chain to the warehouse before ultimately getting to the consumer.

While there are countless premade product packaging solutions on the marketplace, they will rarely, if ever, completely fit your item. Custom printed boxes are a significant benefit. It is designed and also explicitly crafted to fit your product perfectly.

A premade retail packaging box that does not share the same dimensions as your product can bring about a great deal of damage during delivery, which will cause dissatisfied customers who will likely not want to buy from your firm again.

With a box specifically created to hold your product, any vulnerable components had within will undoubtedly be secured during shipping and distribution. Pleased items lead to satisfied customers.

Develop Brand Name Understanding

Beginning with the most prominent example of how product custom packaging boxes benefit your product– brand recognition. The custom box that holds your product is the most convenient and most reliable method to show off your brand and utilize it as a form of marketing and structure brand reliability.

You cannot just display pertinent info regarding your product; however, you can also share details regarding your brand, your message, and various other products you supply.

Custom packaging solutions that display your brand name with your brand’s unique message and style are among one of the most effective methods to stick out from your competitors and make sure that you remain in the minds of consumers.

There are hundreds of rivals, so you need a personalized package specifically developed to envelop your brand. Packaging custom paper bag enables you to take complete control of your brand name’s credibility straight to your target client.

With social networks getting more and more value in developing your brand name identity, having a unique and distinctive custom box can acquire exposure for your brand with systems such as Instagram.

Especially for brand-new consumers, the custom packaging solutions is the first impression they will get of your brand. The more one-of-a-kind your custom printed box is, the more probable brand-new customers will post an unboxing of your products, which begins with your custom packaging boxes.

Getting Customer’s Focus

From an advertising and marketing viewpoint, custom packaging solutions are among the principles of catching consumers’ interest. Tailoring your custom packaging boxes to fit, stand for, and boost your product immediately offers your brand name and the item a higher level of trustworthiness.

Custom boxes are commonly the first thing prospective consumers are exposed to. For that reason, using your custom packaging solutions to make a good impression is essential to gain brand-new consumers.

When it pertains to making a purchase choice, customers will typically make their choice based only on the custom printed boxes. National research accomplished by the Paper and Product Packaging Board as well as IPSOS in 2018 shows that 7 in 10 consumers agreed that product custom printed boxes layout affect their acquiring choice.

A good visual representation of your brand and also product is the foundation of efficient marketing. Having appealing layouts for your product retail custom packaging helps your brand stick out from the competitors.

Although having a great and efficient product is critical to the success of a brand name, the packaging of custom boxes is the following step to boosting your brand name and obtaining reliability as a business.

With many different items and brands at consumers’ disposal, specifically currently with COVID-19 and the eCommerce world expanding significantly, alternatives are almost unlimited. When prospective clients are looking for their boring brownish bundle in their building’s shared mail area, your bundle will stand apart and make an immediate memorable impact on them.

Additionally, resealable custom packaging has likewise benefited the quick garment industry, especially now where customers’ only alternative is on the internet shopping, with no sense of fit or design.

Resealable custom boxes have permitted online apparel stores to approve returns and have actually additionally allowed customers to order a range of sizes and also designs to try out in the convenience of their own home.

Innovative custom printed boxes that resolve your competitors’ concerns enable your product to attract attention and gain well was entitled to interest.

A More Sustainable Custom Product

Customers have notoriously become much more eco friendly when it comes to their carbon impact and the means they pick to live their lives. As a result, environment-friendly remedies to packaging custom printed boxes are vital to your organization’s success.

A current research study shows a virtually 100% rise in packages being recycled in the past 20 years. Due to this, eco-friendly oriented custom box has gained a great deal of popularity.

With the ethical buyer’s surge, more sustainable custom printed boxes have shown to be more lucrative for brand names. According to Study Monkey, 1 in 3 customers chooses more green options. Also, 35% of participants prefer to buy a more costly item if it is eco-friendly than the more affordable alternatives available.

Minimize Your Shipping Prices

Remarkably, packaging boxes custom can end up being much more cost-efficient in contrast to premade product custom boxes.

One variable that isn’t as apparent when considering choosing boxes custom is that it could wind up saving you a substantial quantity of cash on delivery. This is particularly true if you have a tiny or light-weight product.

As mentioned formerly, with basic, premade custom boxes, you will seldom discover retail packaging boxes that completely matches your item. Because of this, you will end up paying for the additional weight triggered by any unnecessary custom boxes.

With a plan specially tailored for your item, you will have no added weight added to your custom box, conserving you on delivery.

Though the shipping and also delivery expense difference might not seem like much on a solitary bundle, as a service, you will undoubtedly be shipping items regularly, which will indeed end up saving a significant amount in the long run.

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You don’t have to settle for plain kraft paper bags or folding cartons anymore

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