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See how the world’s most popular cafes, beverage shops and bakery stores are working with us to create one-of-a-kind packaging solutions to protect their goods and impress customers. 

Make an impact in the world by making an impact on the food and beverage industry through innovative, effective, and renewable paper packaging solutions. Contact us toady!

World-Class Sustainable, Recyclable, Recycled, Compostable, Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

SOS paper lunch bags

Did you know that when it comes to lunch bags, SOS stands for Self-Opening Sack? The majority of us understand these paper bags as brown paper lunch bags, however. They’re inexpensive and flexible, so it’s no wonder they’re a staple in almost every service that offers carryout meals. These SOS bags can be found in numerous various sizes, colors, and paper grades. And the very best part about them? They are a breeze to have actually tailored with your brand logo.

Tin Tie Coffee Bags

In the beginning glance, a standard tin tie bag looks a lot like your typical SOS bag, but it has one small detail that makes it different – a tin tie closure. This little feature enables the bag to be sealed over and over. That’s why cafes and roasters utilize these all the time. Likewise, a fan is those who offer candy and cookies. Just make sure you obtain a coffer bag with the proper lining to satisfy your needs. If you have any concerns about what’s the very best option for you, simply contact us, and our packaging experts will answer all your questions.

Paper Shopping Bags

Whether you’re in the food industry or the retail world, shopping bags are a must. We provide a variety of custom options for our take out bags so you can design one that matches your company completely. We have extra-large paper bags for big food orders; we have small bags for the retail gift shop.

Cookie, Pastry, and Bread bags

Don’t think that a single cookie – perhaps your company’s tiniest sellable item – does not deserve to be appropriately packaged for your customers. Even small-ticket products require to be correctly packaged. We attempt to keep things easy and simply use a couple of cookie and pastry bags. This way, you can quickly and quickly decide which kraft paper bag is right for your application.




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