Material Library

Everything from unlimited paper choices and textile options to sustainable biomaterials.

We’re here to leverage our global supply chain to locate the right materials for your custom packaging project at competitive prices that you’ll love.

World-Class Sustainable, Recyclable, Recycled, Compostable, Eco-friendly Packaging Solution


Material Library

As an international company, we’ve gathered an extensive library of materials and finishing options from our global vendor networks below.

If you’re seeking something special for your custom packaging projects, we can always help source the material and finish your demand!

UV Coating for custom white kraft paper bags - hdpk

Spot UV

UV gloss coating cured on the surface.

Embossing Finishes for Kraft Paper Bag - HDPK


Special process that creates a raised pattern on the specific areas.

emboss&deboss for grocery bag -HDPK


Special process that creates a recessed pattern on the specific areas.

Foil Stamping

Heat transferred gold/silver foil onto paper bag surface.

Glossy Lamination for Custom Shopping Paper Bag - HDPK

Gloss Lamination

Thin plastic film that gives the retail bag a glossy surface.


Economical choice that coats and adds surface protection.

Twisted Paper

Durable and recyclable twisted paper handle with the bag

Twisted PP Rope

Water-resistant and light weight twisted polypropylene threads

Flat Paper Handles for Kraft Paper Bags - HDPK

Flat Paper

Flat paper handle folded to maximize stacking and storaging

Grosgrain Polyester Handles for Kraft Paper Bags - HDPK

Grosgrain Polyester

Fancy option for premium luxury bags, gift bags, and retail bags


Custom shape cut out for your kraft paper bag handles

white kraft paper for white paper bags - hdpk

White Kraft

Uncoated, durable, eco-friendly perfect for bakery products.

Brown Kraft Paper Bag -HDPK

Brown Kraft

Durable, sustainable, and recyclable paper perfect for food or grocery packaging.

Black Paperboard

Black color dyed paper suitable for gift bags.

Coated kraft paper for bread bag - HDPK

Coated Art Paper

Various texture and color possibilities perfect for any occasion

Single coated paper bags -HDPK

Single Shinny

Colored white kraft with shinny coated on one side.

virgin pulp paper for brown paper bag - HDPK

Virgin Pulp​

Durable paperboard made of virgin pulp fibers.

Glued Paper Lacing for grocery paper bag - HDPK

Glued Paper

Glued paper handles to the interior walls of the paper bags.

Tie Knot Lacing for Shoe Bags - HDPK

Tie Knot

Add a sensual flare to the ends of your wine bag handles.

Shoe Buckle Lacing for merchandise bags -HDPK

Shoe Buckle

An aglet attached to the ends of the gift bag handle.