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Custom Rigid Boxes (Set-up Boxes)

Custom rigid box packaging is a wholesale business preferred one among many options for sure sorts of products, mainly because of the support designs, high quality, eco-friendly feature, and luxury feels it supplies.
It is also referred to as exceptional custom rigid packaging as a result of its weight and cost.
This short article will undoubtedly consider what rigid box packaging is, just how its constructed, its drawbacks, and advantages, and explore some practical examples for you to consider.
Let us start.


What are Rigid Boxes or Set-up Boxes?

Rigid boxes are sturdy paper manufactured boxes including high-thickness (frequently 2-3mm) cardboard, covered by decorative specialty paper, which can be rigid gift boxes or custom printed shipping boxes.
They are likewise generally described as set-up boxes, gift boxes, and luxury rigid packaging boxes.


Custom printed rigid boxes have numerous custom printing options, including:

  1. Hot foil stamping
  2. Embossing/debossing
  3. Coating
  4. UV spot
  5. Gloss/matte lamination
  6. Decorative elements
Rigid vs. Flexible

You can most likely guess how flexible and rigid packaging deviate simply by their names.
Rigid boxes custom packaging is a trending product packaging segment, consisting of metal, plastic, wood, paper, various other materials and describes rigid, strong boxes in contrast to its options– versatile packaging.
Custom rigid boxes, as the name suggests, will not transform its form. It uses solid building and construction and assistance and is extravagant in the feel and look.


But, exactly how are rigid boxes manufactured?

Building and construction and also Production

The construction of custom rigid boxes differs from any other custom packaging solutions. Comparable to the procedure of covering a gift, custom rigid boxes are really manufactured by specifically wrapping paper around strong boards.
These boards normally come in a kraft or grey base color, made partly from recycled fibers or eco-friendly raw materials, but can be found in white and other base colors for customers.
Each chipboard is separately glued together to make your custom rigid boxes.
Making custom rigid boxes involves an extended procedure, which can take 5-10 business days much longer to create than other custom packaging solutions.
Currently, most custom printed rigid boxes procedures entail some level of manual setting up and top quality checks of better information to inspect for problems and make certain top quality standards.
This also makes custom printed rigid boxes much more expensive than other packaging types reviewed in the Alternatives section below.
There are numerous types of rigid boxes custom offered, relying on customer or company demands!

Kinds Of Rigid Packaging

Both custom rigid boxes consist of partial coating and complete coating rigid boxes when having a box to get custom.
Partial Finish
Partial surface is a kind of rigid boxes custom product where the wrapping and chipboard are somewhat full.
The wrapping paper is only used to finish the box rigid internal edges, and the chipboard inside shows up and also bare, indicating it is not ended up.
Partial surface custom rigid box is created with a single chipboard with perforated crease lines for folding and covered without the extra indoor layer, which leaves the kraft or grey chipboard materials revealed, which is a quicker production process.

Box Product packaging

Also referred to as rolled-edge box packaging, rigid boxes are a unique and environment-friendly paper product packaging choice for those looking to stick out and be different.
rigid tube packaging is a kind of boxes rigid that is round fit, has no edges, and is generally made in a telescopic or shoulder-neck design of opening.

Magnetic closures

The gratifying ‘breeze’ of magnetic rigid gift boxes can be oddly addictive as both magnets in the rigid ones lock with each other to a company close.
Magnetic gift boxes have two magnets in the boxes’ custom rigid that secure with each other to secure package closed.
As a result of its sturdy and also strong building, customers will be extremely hesitant to toss these gift boxes out, making it a lasting option given that boxes can make superb storage units for jewelry, makeup and also almost anything else (relying on the size of boxes).
And also, its structural engineering permits a unique and luxurious feeling. The closure supplies a streamlined unboxing experience that your consumers are bound to keep in mind!
Magnetic closure boxes can come in standard and also retractable styles.
While the basic design is more robust and more sturdy, the retractable closure box is stuffed and shipped level, minimizing delivery and taking care of costs.
Collapsible boxes generally feature double-sided tape that follows the package’s retractable faces, making it no more collapsible for your clients.
Without close assessment, your clients won’t even know they were foldable to start with. Genius!

Telescopic rigid boxes

Telescopic, or telescope boxes can likewise be referred to as topload, 2-piece boxes, or cover and tray packaging with the cover coming off of the base vertically.
This is your standard Monopoly game box or apple iPhone box kind of opening, though the two boxes look and feel drastically district.
Higher-end telescope boxes (like smartphone boxes) are crafted with specific measurements to permit friction and also a slow-opening speed, so the base can gradually glide out from under the lid.
Telescopic boxes are much more sturdy than many rigid box designs since there are 4 faces of both the cover and base overlapping when closed.


Drawer Style rigid Boxes

Something is rewarding about drawing a drawer open, particularly a tiny, box-sized cabinet with a brand-new item within it.
Cabinet style rigid box is also known as slipcase, slide, or suit rigid box, since it opens up similarly to match-boxes.
A connected bow pull or a semi-circle thumb opening, drawer style rigid box is similar to a rigid telescopic box, yet on a other angle– literally.
Telescope boxes are wonderful for items you want to keep straight and level for when a customer opens up package up.
Opening up flat instead of vertically can be terrific to avoid an accident and even a calamity, like this clip of a user unpacking his company new apple iPhone throughout a meeting.
Cabinet design boxes can also be produced with incorporated systems for child-safety to prevent children from opening up potentially harmful items.

Shoulder Neck rigid Boxes

This sort of rigid box has numerous layers, including various nick or shoulder internal layer that a lid can lay on top of.
This is an excellent sort of product packaging if you wish to create an one-of-a-kind unboxing experience since it can be personalized further to match your brand shades as well as styles!
Once you have actually chosen the type of rigid box you favor, the next step is to think of what inserts will certainly go inside.
Developers typically pick to leave the neck section of the shoulder-neck rigid box partly subjected to provide a multi-layer or multi-packaging perception that can develop a feeling of mystery for clients as they stare upon a premium product.


Product packaging inserts are extremely advised when you’re aiming to get the utmost unboxing experience with a rigid box.
A custom-made packaging insert is made especially for your item, helping it remain in location to give an elevated presentation while supplying a high level of shock protection, even against decreases and misuse.
There are instances where products are either rounded or rectangle-shaped and can fit within an rigid box flawlessly, however these instances are a lot more unusual.
Custom inserts most commonly come in:

  1. Paperboard
  2. Corrugated
  3. Molded pulp
  4. Foam
  5. Plastic


As a type of high-end packaging, rigid box packaging is likewise among the much more expensive kinds of packaging, setting you back as much as 3 times as much as different paper product packaging styles such as folding carton and corrugated product packaging for the very same quantity and also dimension.
The greater rate can easily end up being reasonable for several items given that the special presentation supplied by rigid boxs is unrivaled, adding a tremendous amount of regarded value to an item.

Benefits of rigid Boxes

Besides its strong and also protective building and construction, rigid product packaging supplies an evasive, luxurious and also durable feel and look that is unparalleled by the majority of other product packaging types.

Frequently coupled with a custom inserts, rigid packaging keeps items protected to endure harsh handling and delivery problems.
rigid box product packaging is made to be reusable and kept by customers, instead of simply thrown out after unboxing their item.
After the fact, they are typically made use of to keep fashion jewelry, accessories, or the initial product once more.

With these advantages in mind, rigid boxes develop an embedded component to accompany your item including considerable worth to your brand name.
Frequently, consumers will no more watch your product as just an individual item, however instead check out the package and also product as a set when your item is encased in a rigid box, resulting in better willingness to spend lavishly.
It is humanity to enjoy presents and rigid present boxes are presently the gold requirement of gift-type product packaging boxes.
The worth of a branded rigid present box can hold its very own in enhancing your products ROI.

Rigid Boxes across Industries

With creativity comes nerve and also with guts comes brand-new and also interesting ideas. Check out a few of these great rigid box concepts from different brands.

Telescope Rigid Box with Custom Insert

Rolled-edge Rigid Box Packaging with Custom Insert and Game Cards
Telescopic shoulder neck rigid box with game cards
Magnetic Closure Rigid Box with Custom Insert
Rigid Box Alternatives
While rigid boxes are frequently watched in an organization of its own when it concerns discussion, popular alternatives consist of folding container boxes and high-end corrugated product packaging.
These product packaging kinds are a great option for rigid boxes because of its cost performance and convenience in premium-quality printing and finishing abilities.
In the folding container packaging team, one of the most comparable designs is the Dual Glued Side Wall Surface Tray & Cover and the Double Wall Structure Tray & Lid, which operate similarly to the telescope rigid box style.