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Custom Folding Cartons Intro

Custom printed folding cartons are very adaptable and compatible with various printing options and advanced finishing techniques. 

Here at HDPK, we can provide a variety of customizable paperboard materials such as white paperboard, food-grade, white kraft, brown kraft, CCNB, and SBS paperboard for your custom folding carton packaging demands.

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Custom folding cartons

Folding carton is among the very best custom packaging choices for lightweight products.

There are different custom printed carton types, making it an extremely flexible custom packaging that can work for many kinds of products.

Offered level or pre-glued, there is a lot of adaptabilities when you make folding cartons packaging.

You can pick to produce packaging with distinct architectural designs and top-notch print, making it an eye-catching retail and consumer product option.

Custom printed folding boxes are additionally a preferred selection for custom boxes due to their sustainable nature.

There are many environmental benefits to using custom retail cartons since they are 100% recyclable!

In this post, we’ll look at the history of custom boxes, the procedure of making this kind of folding carton box, types of rigid paper box custom packaging offered, and some exceptional consumer experiences.

A Summary of Folding Carton


The corrugated box marks a vital time point in the background because it was just one of the very first personalized packaging kinds to get popularity.

It’s remained in use since the 1800s and has gradually acquired popularity due to the simplicity of procuring raw material and quick manufacturing.

In its earlier days, paperboard was stuck by strings and also tacked to create the packaging.

Originally made by hand, custom folding carton production has evolved a good deal considering that.

Let’s go over the process of producing custom rigid paper boxes in a little bit a lot more depth.


Generally, folding carton boxes are built from paperboard (i.e., pulp from scrap paper) and reprocessed to produce the custom printed folding carton.

The paperboard goes through a cutting, folding, and lamination process and is sent to packagers as a level dieline.

More particularly, folding carton suppliers refine the paperboard will certainly prepare the cutting dielines, and then sheet the paperboard.

This essentially means reducing the rolls of paperboard right into level sheets fed right into a printing machine. Any pictures or artwork are printed onto the sheets now.

After Printing and any other post-press procedures, the paperboard sheets are reduced, folded up, and glued together to produce your optimum packaging.

Depending on the packaged products, the custom box will certainly go through more structural design procedures to hold the product.

The paperboard supply can quickly crease and is immune to splits, making it easy to send level and assemble according to requirements.

Types of Custom Folding Carton Box

A lot of paper cartons are developed manually and also chemically producing pulp products.

This offers the packaging its rigidity, making it a lot more functional to use. Raw kraft folding box provides sustainability.

The bleached chemical layer usually included in custom folding carton box provides unlimited Printing as well as ending up capabilities that allow for a high-end feel!

We’ll now check out the prominent types of paper cartons and also the benefits they provide.


Blonde, as well as unbleached kraft, is the primary kind of paper grade made use of to develop custom folding cartons.

Called after the pulping process utilized to make the product, establishing Kraft is quite simple.

Timber is based on a pulp, as well as the resulting product is chemically treated with sulfate to create paper.

It is an environmentally friendly choice, and there are numerous sorts of Kraft paper grades readily available, making it a terrific option across multiple industries.

Natural Kraft

Natural Kraft is an environmentally friendly packaging product that is durable with a premium look.

Typically utilized for;

  1. food-safe packaging
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Beverages
  4. Drugs

This paper grade is quickly able to hold up against shipping and distribution procedures due to its longevity!

Coated Blonde Kraft and also Coated unbleached Kraft

Both of these types of packaging products are produced from all-natural Kraft.

The only genuine distinction is whether the packaging materials are blonde or otherwise; however, or else, these are very similar.

Both are lightweight options, making them an excellent selection for small packages that aren’t as well hefty.

In addition, these paper qualities use an optimum surface area for;

Layout components

  1. Top-quality Printing
  2. Finishes
  3. Coatings
  4. Printing, Finishing, and Coatings

Once the custom paper box paper quality has been selected, and the dieline has been created, the following action for rigid paper box manufacturers is printing, ending up, and coating the packaging.

This is when branding and advertising enter play and evaluate the client experience when they run into and open the custom paperboard boxes.

The objective is to develop cost-effective premium custom product packaging and customize the Printing, ending up, and a layer for markets.

For example, the food and restaurant industry generally call for wax finishing to stay clear of grease markings and leaking.

Aqueous finishings are made use of for corrugated boxes for an environmentally-friendly option. This kind of finish is used to include branding and advertising components to the total packaging without using hazardous or toxic inks.

Folding carton boxes provide several advantages as an endless custom paper packaging choice across markets.

Benefits of Folding Carton

Folding carton boxes offer numerous benefits, which is why they have continually been used for packaging throughout the years.

Retail Friendly

One of the major advantages of using paper boxes is that these are fantastic for retail racks.

You can develop exceptional packaging with custom folding carton boxes and really catch consumer attention.

The resilient nature of folding box makes them suitable for retail since they are much less likely to be harmed during transport than various other packaging kinds.

Moreover, with its flexibility in Printing, finishing, and style procedure abilities folding box looks terrific on display and permits a high end feel and successful brand differentiation.

Environmentally Friendly

The products used to make folding cartons, such as Kraft make it an outstanding alternative if you’re looking for environmentally-friendly paper-based packaging material that is still cost-effective as well as looks great.

In addition to the recyclable nature of folding carton boxes, the procedure of creating Kraft makes it a fantastic lasting paper packaging selection.

Through making use of lasting inks and coverings such as liquid coating, as briefly reviewed, enables a totally sustainable packaging that drops directly following your eco-conscious shoppers!

Versatility in Printing as well as Finishing

When it concerns making your product stick out, folding carton boxes can raise it without jeopardizing top quality.

They are comparatively less cumbersome, and also you have a lot of options when it involves premium Printing and finishing.

Folding carton manufacturers can help you determine and choose the perfect style and finishing to make certain that your folding carton box sticks out and supplies a high-end client experience.

Price Effectiveness

The other reason folding carton is such a preferred option is as a result of its price-performance while still using a luxury feel.

They are an extremely economical packaging option, especially when examined versus all the advantages they give.

Folding cartons are a relatively inexpensive choice if you’re trying to find high-quality, lasting paper packaging.

Because of these benefits (and many more!), folding carton boxes are used for paper packaging across different industries, as we’ll check out listed below.

Style Elements

The great aspect of a custom box is because of its cost-effectiveness, you can spend lavishly on layout aspects that raise your brand name identification past your expectations.

While printing and ending up capacities are highly functional for this packaging product, it deserves to keep in mind the limitless style elements folding box can take on as well.

Embossing & Debossing

Embossing & Debossing is a process that presses pictures, designs, and also texts right into materials to develop an elevated or dispirited picture of your artwork.

This is extremely impactful for things like:

  1. Logos
  2. Qualifications
  3. Artwork
  4. Spot UV Printing

UV printing applies ultraviolet (UV) light to white card stock or color-printed paper products. The UV light treatments the varnish related to the published product.

This finishing targets specific areas/spots of the published product to secure their shade in, produce an eye-catching luster, and secure the surface area against dampness as well as various other sorts of wear and tear.

The use of area finish is likewise to develop a diversity of structures on a published surface for a remarkable, eye-catching result.

Place UV is just one of the many specialized printing methods utilized to create impactful custom packaging to distinguish brands/products from each other.

Like lamination, it increases the viewed quality of printed items. Note that spot UV ‘printing’ is a misnomer, as it is a coating technique rather than a printing approach.