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From concept to delivery.

From design to production.

Our dedicated packaging specialists will tailor a unique custom carton box for you and guide you every step of the way.

Custom Paper Boxes - HDPK

01. Production

We specialize in fulfill high-volume orders. Whatever your specification, we can customize cartons and services to budget.


fast production packaging manufacturer- HDPK

Our cutting-edge paper boxes making machines, high-speed gluers, die cutters maximize productivity while reducing environmental impact.


custom kraft paper bags

Our professional engineers maintain these machines operating smoothly, guaranteeing no delays, color differences, or quality issues.


custom paper box assemble - HDPK

Our assembly team is standing by for your complex structure demands. No matter how sophisticated your packaging design is, our artisans will bring it to reality. 

02. Design & Prototyping

Our dedicated packaging specialists will tailor a unique custom carton box for you and guide you every step of the way.

custom packaging solution

In-House Design Team

Take advantage of our specialized design team, which, for a small fee, can create an exceptional structural and graphic design for your custom paper boxes to help your brand and product stand out from the crowd.

custom box prototyping - HDPK

Rapid Prototyping​

Equipped with the state of the art laser cutting machines, we can turn your packaging design ideas into a tangible prototype before mass production so that you can feel something in your hands and evaluate it almost immediately.

03. Portfolio

Whether you are looking for versatile paperboard folding cartons, durable corrugated boxes, or premium rigid boxes, we are your one-stop factory for all your packaging production demands.

What Makes Our Services Unique

Fast Production

6-color press

Highly Customizable

End to End Delivery


ISO9001 Quality Assurance

Recyclable & Biodegradable


Below you'll find answers to some general topics around designing a custom paper box. Every case is a little different, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes. Just send us an email, including your custom folding carton style, size, material, and quantity. We promise we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can even upload your custom boxes packaging design file by filling in our inquiry form. As a manufacturer directly, we guarantee to provide the most competitive quote while maintaining your custom packaging box quality.

If you’re creating your gift boxes design in Adobe Illustrator, you can upload your file on our inquiry form or send us an email. An accurate quote for your gift box project will be provided to you as soon as possible. Also, our professional design team can design paper boxes if you do not trust yourself or are not good at using Adobe. HDPK even provides free custom paper packaging design consultation. Contact us today!

Our dedicated paper packaging design team will work with you throughout the whole process to design and create a perfect insert for your custom mailers. Contact us today for free custom boxes design assistance.

Our Standard lead time for most custom shipping box orders is around 10-15 business days. These turnarounds do not include transit time (7-30 business days, depending on your shipping method). HDPK has the capacity to manufacture over 20million paper packaging products per month. If you need a short turnaround to fill your shipping boxes shortage, please contact us, and we might be able to help you. 

Yes, we will provide you with your custom box prototype for further verification. As an ISO9001 certified factory, we will guarantee all your paper boxes from mass production the same as the prototype. 

Our in-house technical professionals will review and evaluate your custom small shipping boxes design for any technical concerns and if noted, will mark them for your consideration in the prototype. Further, HDPK house the most advanced types of machinery, including 8-color, 7-color printers. We assure your custom printed shipping box will be beyond your expectation.

Of course! We can print on the inside of all our custom corrugated box products, including mailer boxes, mailing boxes, and custom shipping boxes. HDPK is here to help you create the most attractive printed mailer boxes to impress your customers.

As an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer from China, HDPK provides the industry’s most competitive pricing on custom printed boxes while maintaining high quality. We offer a quantity discount based on custom boxes order volume. Contact us to learn more today!

Ship your online orders, subscription boxes, and promotional kits in top-quality Custom Paper Boxes.

Crafted from versatile paperboard, durable corrugated cardboard, and premium rigid paper, we assure your orders are fully protected. When you ship them to your customers, they’ll be amazed to reveal your product in their next unboxing Vlog.

Our custom printed mailer box printing services let you customize every packaging detail, from choosing a custom paper to performing the most impressive visual artwork and logos. Contact us today for a factory-direct quote!

Custom Printed Boxes – What is the Process?

When it pertains to many new corrugated cardboard boxes’ box design, the process is generally fairly straightforward. Box manufacturers take a piece of cardboard sheet that is cut to a range of different sizes depending on the custom box manufacturer. It develops six sides that can be folded up together right into the shape of the produced relevant custom boxes. The size of custom boxes can vary in shape, box styles, and size, and it can be made from a series of various products. At the same time, there are many standard custom box design and forms in the boxes custom service, numerous custom service require for custom printed boxes and product packaging to fit their business items, and also this is where the custom packaging manufacturing procedure can end up being a lot more intricate:

Why Some Businesses Choose To Use A Custom Packaging Box

The first inquiry that most businesses asked questions when considering order box packaging is ‘why should they resort to custom boxes?’. Several custom box services can be lured to ignore the intricacies of product box packaging and presume that most boxes will be suitable to manage their packaging as well as shipping needs. Whilst in some instances this is not a totally wrong assumption, it often does not take into account what a custom box might use, it dictated what boxes need to be with the online design tool, custom packaging boxes, or custom shipping boxes?

Custom boxes have the ability to more precisely fit the product that it holds much better than any kind of basic boxes. Customers order custom boxes to the appropriate dimension, color printing design, and custom boxes style to save the materials during shipping delivery and storage. In several instances, custom boxes are made to display the packaging contents once they get to their destination within 10 business days. Custom boxes additionally sure to have the ability to add custom color printing design to the custom box. This can be a powerful and fairly inexpensive marketing tool for many business brand company and is typically an excellent brand name structure artwork. As soon as a business firm can see the benefits of a custom box, the following action is to gain an understanding of the procedure when placing an order for custom packaging boxes:

The procedure of custom boxes design artwork takes a number of actions.

The components

The materials the custom box is most likely to hold and store plays a substantial role in establishing the correct printing for boxes. The first thing this can do is determine what design of custom boxes would be most reliable. These options can range from RSC boxes, pass away cut boxes, ballot boxes, present boxes, corrugated delivery shipping boxes, cardboard boxes to traveling bag boxes. It is vital to choose custom design boxes to find a producer who can help get the ideal kind of boxes to fit the item.

The measurements

Figuring out the dimensions of custom boxes design is the following vital action in the procedure using the design tool. Establishing these dimensions will be based on what product or product the shipping box intends to hold and how much it ought to hold. It fully depends on where the box will get stored or presented and make sure what will be involved in shipping that box to its destination and determining how far shipping boxes will need to delivered and under what conditions.

The graphic layout

In numerous circumstances, customer service that picks to create custom boxes design will also wish to get a custom printing artwork layout. At this point, the customer needs to deal with interior visuals design ahead up with a layout printing and after that fast discussing this with a manufacturer that has printing capabilities to sure that the printing design easily fits within the constraints of what can be properly printed on the shipping box itself with existing color printing innovation readily available.

The quantity

Whilst as a basic regulation there is savings in pricing quote that can be made for services to order bigger orders quantity, this does not mean that customized boxes can just be available at an affordable price if customer orders larger quantity instead of minimum order quantity. A top-quality cardboard box supplier can commonly team-work with businesses to receive means to still accomplish an affordable price but doesn’t need to order beyond what is suitable for your business service at the same time. This also has the added advantage to customers of enabling them to order just what they require and not requiring them to store added boxes on site.

When it comes to packaging styles, there are several options you can choose from:


This style can offer a simple and effective unboxing experience for customers. We create it from substantial greyboard material, the sound and feel of a magnetic hinged lid closure elicit an impression of luxury needs.


The “iPhone Box Effect” or classic gift-opening experience. A premium two-piece box is held together by friction, adding to the anticipatory excitement while unboxing in use.

Box Style

The drawer-style box is another effective way to create unboxing suspense. This box slides out to present products and is popular for customers due to its strength and appealing look, which means it will stand out on shelves.

Custom Shapes

Custom structures offer customers the edge of creating packaging that helps you to set apart from your competitors. The unique shape also has a great help in conveying customers’ branding much more directly.


A collapsible box can have the same elements as a magnetic one, but it can be folded into a flat structure. Collapsible structures help keep costs low in pricing quotes while still maintaining a luxurious unboxing experience.

Two-piece boxes are also typically a choice due to their minimal & standard structure.


For large volume orders, go for collapsible structures. Shipping these styles will be significantly less expensive because they can be folded into a flat structure. 

Once you’ve chosen a premium box style, you still need to think about whether your box requires extra protection.

A great and popular option for high-end boxes is foam inserts. You will need to spend extra on these add-ons, but they make a big difference in your product protection. This also saves you costs on potential damages to your products.

Box Dimensions

Once you’ve picked your premium box style, it’s time to get the dimensions of your box.

When measuring, the customer needs to base the calculations on internal dimensions with the correct tool.

Unlike external measurements, including the thickness of the box product, internal measurements help ensure a snug fit.

To keep costs low, try to make your box dimensions as small as possible while ensuring enough space to fit your products.


Think of finishing as the cherry on top of the final wax after a sports car has been washed and detailed. It affects the final appearance to see while providing a level of protection.

There are many finishing options you can use to create the luxury look for your box, see below as following:

Matte Lamination

It is the most popular among the finishing for its luxe and simplistic appearance. It is considered to be the “fashionable” and elegant finish compared to the rest. It is also best for special printing options such as Spot UV, embossing, and gold/silver stamping, waterproof.

Gloss Lamination

Gloss laminate provides outstanding vibrancy to packaging boxes and instantly grabs potential customers’ attention. It repels dust, dirt, and fingerprints making the packaging super durable. It’s also waterproof and damp proof at the same time.

Textured paper is also widely used among this type of packaging but typically gets the least popular for small to medium-sized businesses due to the high cost when getting a quote from excellent customer service.

Special Finishing

The box can receive an eye-catching, impactful look if adding special finishing and assists in brand differentiation.

There are three primary options:

Spot UV

This finishing process increases the perceived quality of packaging by sealing in color, producing an appealing sheen, and protecting the surface. This all adds up to a fine look of luxury.


Embossing is a popular technique that adds a raised imprint of a design or text, adding visual appeal and complexity. Debossing, on the other hand, creates a depressed imprint on the box packaging.

Foil Stamping

This printing process applies a thin coat of color or metallic foil to the surface of box packaging. Gold and silver are typically used for a luxurious effect. Foil stamping is best applied on smooth surfaces.

Adding special embellishments like these are surprisingly not as costly as you think with large quantity orders! Any questions about the order, feel free to contact our service team, we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.






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