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Why Custom Shopping Bags Get Popular

Elevate your product packaging to a higher level with our cost-effective, durable custom Liquor & Wine bags! 

If you are looking to impress your clients further, our custom Liquor & Wine bags are a perfect and easy way for your consumer to carry all liquor & wine or even beverage merchandises. Our custom Liquor & Wine bags can promote your business by printing your brand artwork & logos with a touch of a luxury feel.

HDPK’S custom Liquor & Wine bags can be fully personalized in any size and material. With your required custom packaging specifications, HDPK can manufacture completely custom Liquor & Wine bags with top-of-the-line printing equipment. Our 8-color printing capabilities can provide photographic printing logos and artwork, helping you convey your packaging design and branding strategy effectively. Formulate a long-lasting first impression on your customers with HDPK’s custom printed Liquor & Wine bags.

Wine paper bag packaging process

In ancient times, red wine is a provider that displays Chinese traditional society and undertone in Chinese business. Wine bags can be claimed to be one of the most direct and vibrant expressions of Chinese wine culture. How to store bottle wine, get it packaged in the simple brown kraft paper wine bags or luxury wine gift bags, the best wine bags to choose is related to different business occasions. After the baptism of history, new white wine bags have been offered more cutting-edge concepts and progressed innovations.

Paper wine bags are a vital expression of a bottle of simple wine bag products to stock.

Most white paper wine bags are intense and glossy, mostly based on printing technology growth. White wine gift bag printing is sort of a united collection of different bag wine printing processes. It has the advantages of offset printing, gravure printing, display printing and flexo printing, and some brand-new printing technologies. At the same time, these printing innovations are advancing and enhancing.

Every visit to business customer and close friends during the holiday, because of the personalized of Chinese who like red wine items, we frequently order 2 containers of wine in 1 pack with wine bags, paper wine bags, or wine gift bags, which became a special gift in the Chinese society.

Considering that the pack of wine is presented as a gift, it has a high level of workmanship for wine bags/wine bottle design and production. Suppose you print it separately in simple white paper wine bags. In that case, the procedure can be separated into numerous results., bronzing printing, etc., this craftsmanship can not be generated with the production line of wine bottle bags style, commonly the most frustrations of the vineyard.

We only find out about these processes, and also, when we truly know to develop wine gift bags, we can handle it easily. So how to comprehend procedures, let the product packaging distributor/customer introduce you. The following need to be taken into account when subscribing to a wine bag for price and size.

The surface printing process for wine paper bag

(1 )Ordinary printing process, consists of two four colors based printing and monochrome printing. This is a typical printing approach that available in manufacturers. Customers need to note the document needs to be transformed to CMYK during style design for better subscribe. There are few color aberrations when creating a line draft. The general low-end white wine bags use this printing process.

( 2 )Special gloss printing process, includes metal gloss printing, pearl printing, refractive printing, etc. In the form of metallic gloss printing, the basic technique is to use aluminum foil-based metal composite paper, which is more clear ink in the red wine bags. The printed prints add a distinctive metal gloss result to bags.

( 3 )Anti-counterfeiting ink printing process, since the security of the business brand, more enterprises picked to carry on the product packaging of red wine paper bags, specifically the wine market, way too many red wines, so this low price, color Printing that is easy to examine is first available. Certainly, this modern technology needs to take notice of the options of printing tools, printing, and more. It is additionally available to choose the wanted anti-counterfeiting results. Overall, the technical degree of the order manufacturing facility.

(4 )Multi-color serial printing process is also called “cross-color printing” and “rainbow printing”, we primarily add it in the embossing procedure. Before the printing starts, many separators are stock in the ink tank, and afterward respectively add inks of different color in various dividers according to printing need, and we use the ink in the partitions in the string action of the inkjet rollers during wine bags order printing. They get mixed/united and moved to the surface area of the home plate. With this printing process, many colors can be printed at once, and the intermediate shaft is soft. Also, the printing method gives a certain anti-counterfeiting impact, particularly in large-area shading printing.

( 5)Special process treatment, customers commonly search for other more expressive methods, many printing and also packaging plants have actually created hot stamping, UV, paper bagging, embossing etc.

These procedures vary in price from the previous two, yet there are distinctions in the grades (including sizes and quantity), so if you are going to do a high-end wine paper bag, the comprehensive application of these processes help you to get the best wine bags among such many options. If need help in order, please email our customer service with your real email account/email address. For a better price, you can subscribe article below.

Selection of facial tissue

Generally speaking, the product packaging of a bottle of wine bags is made from special paper and coated paper. It is a format with white paper and also gray paper. Nevertheless, some producers select glass in order to address the originality of their items. Unique materials like PVC board, want board, and iron is packaged as white wine bags.

We need to pay united focus to this point, since the procedure identifies only a part, and also more consists of the mix/united of products, design, size, stock, sign printing, and more. In terms of the printing process, it is usually a mix/combination of standard, unique, and anti-counterfeiting. Ordinary is the total printing; partial unique printing, anti-counterfeiting united with anti-counterfeiting printing. When we search for wine bags, we have to pay attention to the united combination of various options, and also we have to not immerse ourselves in one of the crafts, to design one of the most one-of-a-kind wine paper bag product in the size and printing.

When it comes to high-end wine bags, you may think of leather or wooden wine bags, but these two are expensive in price, occupy the space, and looks cumbersome, it is hard to win customers. Instead, it is a trend to pack wine bottles with wine bags.

There are lots of advantages for the wine industry in using paper wine bags :

1. Easy way to carry and display wine bottles

2. Low cost in the material during order production for same size based bags

3. Nature packaging to effectively prevent the oxidation of wine, help to stock the best food taste

4. Save a pack of money when ship by freight, while the focus on the printing design

5. Environmental-friendly paper materials, save the planet

Paper carrier wine bags are a common way to pack and stock wine, made by smooth white card or recycle kraft paper with sophisticated prints, strong rope handles knotted, usually for one bottle or double bottles of wine or champagne. Hence, there’s various size options service for customers to search and find an appropriate one.

For rigid wine gift boxes, usually containing different types of wine or other matching items like glass bottles inside the box.

Folding wine carrier cardboard is more and more popular in recent years. Made of recycled corrugated cardboard, strong to stock more bottles, easy to ship and carry after assembled.

We offer both wine gift bags and paper boxes in various materials, sizes, shapes, add with the delicate print design with or without sign included, not only for wine packaging but also for chocolate packaging, cosmetic packaging, etc. The price varies by the size, printing, order quantity. Search nothing useful or need help? Use your email account and subscribe to our customer service; we’ll be sure to help you as soon as possible.