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As an international company, we’ve gathered an extensive library of materials and finishing techniques from our international vendor networks below.

If you’re looking for something special for your custom paper bags, we can always help source the material and finish you require!

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Custom Paper Bags are an ideal way to make customers feel special about their orders and boost your business awareness.

These simple, durable paper shopping bags present your attractive artwork (in a range of colors and finishes) and feature a variety of bag handles. 

Whether you want matte or gloss coatings on your custom paper gift bags, we can help you achieve that! All at our factory-direct prices that you’ll love. 

Customized paper bags

As long as the bag’s material includes a part of the paper, it can be collectively described as a paper bag.

Paper Bag Category

There are several printed custom paper bags, various types of paper material options, multiple colors, and lots of styles. Suppose you want to custom paper bag or bulk paper bag products. In that case, you can place an order to a paper shopping bag manufacturer, and custom your shopping bag by selecting the appropriate raw materials, handles, color printing.

According to the raw material, it can be separated into various custom packaging products: white cardboard, white custom paper bags, coated, brown color kraft, coated personalized paper, virgin wood pulp paper, single shiny white kraft paper, imported Russian cardboard, black cardboard paper bags, and a percentage is made of unique paper.

Brown Kraft Paper

Brown custom paper bags are known as all-natural custom paper bags. It has high tensile stamina, high strength, usually brown-yellow color, high tear strength, splitting as well as high dynamic toughness. It is widely utilized in shopping bags, envelopes, etc. Frequently utilized thicknesses range from 120 grams to 300 grams of the natural custom paper. Custom paper bags are generally appropriate for printing monochrome or two-color and uncomplicated manuscripts. Compared to white cardboard, white custom paper, and coated kraft custom paper bags, the brown personalized paper bags has the lowest cost. Many wholesalers and retailers would ask the custom paper bag manufacturer to make personalized gift bags, custom coffee bags, custom grocery bags, and customized wine bags with brown color paper at wholesale prices.

White Kraft Paper

The white custom paper has high rupturing resistance, good strength, high toughness, steady density, and also secure shade. According to appropriate nationwide laws, grocery stores limit using plastic bags, and foreign countries, Europe and the USA, and other countries support using environmentally friendly custom packaging and purely control plastics. Contamination, plastic bags will be replaced by eco-friendly packaging products, as well as the leads for white kraft are promising. Constructed from 100% pure wood pulp, environmentally friendly, safe, and recyclable, white kraft has excellent durability. It is widely used for making eco-friendly tote packaging products and premium shopping paper bags. Typically utilized white kraft paper with a density of 120g-200g, the paper has no illumination and gloss, white custom kraft paper is not suitable for publishing ink too much content.

Black Cardboard Paper

Black Cardboard Paper is a unique kind of paper, black on both sides. The attributes of black cardboard are great paper, transparent black, solid as well as thick, good folding resistance, smooth surface area, excellent stiffness, great tensile toughness, and high breaking resistance. Frequently made use of black cardboard with a density of 120 grams-350 grams. Because the black cardboard is black inside and outside, it can not publish color scheme, but you can personalized bags with hot gold stamping, hot silver stamping, and also various other processes. The bag made is additionally extremely gorgeous. The bag manufacturer likes to use it to make gift bags, the black color makes it feel mysterious, and the solid quality makes it feel luxury and high-end.

White Cardboard Paper

White Cardboard Paper is white cardboard is firm and thick, with high tightness, rupturing, and smoothness. The kraft surface is flat. The commonly made use of density is 210-300 grams of white cardboard, and the most utilized is 230 white cards. The kraft bag printed with white cardboard has a complete color and also a great texture. It is the first choice for custom luxury shopping paper bags, like custom apparel paper bags, custom gift paper bags, custom cosmetics shopping bags, custom jewelry paper bags, etc.

Recycled Kraft Paper

This material is made from waste paper or biodegradable waste from specific manufacturing processes. Rather than tossing paper waste away, it’s recycled and also made into paper products. It’s very recommended for many kinds of paper shopping bags because it is eco-friendly.

Whenever we use paper shopping bags made from recycled or biodegradable mateiral, we conserve the environment. It implies fewer trees are cut down to manufacture paper. A present of such a paper bags talk volumes about your contribution to saving the environment. That’s why it coming to mind for wholesalers and retailers when they find a bread paper bag manufacturer to custom shopping bags at a wholesale price that they’ll love.

Coated Kraft Paper 

The coated paper’s quality is that the paper surface is very smooth as well as flat, the brightness is high, the smoothness is high, the gloss is good, and the printed graphics and images have a three-dimensional impact. The frequently used thickness is 128 g-300 g, and it’s the impact of printing is the same as that of white color cardboard. The shade is complete and also brilliant. Compared to white cardboard, it is less than white color cardboard. It’s usually used as art paper bag, printed grocery paper grocery bags, small candy bags, valentine gift bags, etc.

Whiteboard paper

Whiteboard paper is a type of paperboard with a white surface area and a smooth front and grey back. The density is usually 250g-350g. The whiteboard is white on one side as well as gray on the various others. The rate is relatively cheaper than white cardboard.

According to the bag edge: the bottom and also the back cover are various: there are four sorts of paper shopping bags, such as an open base bag, an open-bonded base bag, a valve-type stitching bag, and a valve-type flat hexagon end-end adhesive bag.

According to the handle and the way of digging: twisted paper handle, flat paper handle, PP handle, die-cut handle, ribbon handle, cotton handle, cotton handle with paper cored, SOS paper bag (no handle, stand on the self bag)


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