We see how much work you’ve put into your paper bag design so when it comes to production, we offer nothing short of the perfect.

We will bring your custom paper bag design to reality with our state of the art flexo printing machines and world-class finishing techniques.

World-Class Sustainable, Recyclable, Recycled, Compostable, Eco-friendly Packaging Solution


Production Capabilities

Faster production is built into our paper bag making machines’ core DNA, creating less material and energy consumption.

Our factory equips with a variety of cutting-edge paper bag finishing machinery, including aminating lines, foil hot stamping lines, debossing/embossing lines, and printers capable of 8-color and water-based eco-friendly flexographic print.

We go above and beyond the required levels to be a quality-oriented and sustainable manufacturer. As such, we have obtained ISO 9001 and FSC certifications.


8-Color, Water-Based Flexo Press

 Our factory equips with multiple state-of-the-art printing machines capable of 8-color,7-color, 6-color water-based flexographic print,  resulting in a smaller environmental footprint for us and for you.



We house a wide range of decorative machines that capable of foil-stamping, spot UV, debossing & embossing, gloss lamination, varnish, silk screening, and combo hot stamping. 

For any further decorative demands, including but not limited to, lithography, digital printing, and metal stamp, we have a network of the professional local supplier.


Faster Production

We house the most specialized automatic paper bag making machinery, maximizing production efficiency while creating less material and energy consumption than traditional bag production.


Assembly Line

We have multiple assembly lines that can adapt to meet your sophisticated paper bag requirements.

Whether is a specific handle demand or creaseless requirements, we can craft it for you.


Quality Control

Quality is our mission at Huide Packaging.

Throughout the manufacturing process, our quality control staff will ensure that every paper bag meets our standards and exceed your expectation.

ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer

Located in Xiamen, China, the Huide Packaging manufacturing facility covers a total of 70 acres.

We have the manufacturing capacity to manufacture more than 20 million packaging supplies per month and cover all phases of custom packaging soution – from concept development and design to printing, manufacturing, and packaging.

Thus, if you are looking for an ISO9001 certified & FSC certified manufacturer to help you lower your paper bag cost, send us an email, and let’s talk.

Paper bag manufacturer.

Billions of paper bags and sacks are produced annually for the packaging and consumer industry. The continued emergence of barrier methods, coatings, closures, printing techniques, and machinery contributes to the continued growth in the market for the paper industry as a packaging medium.

A paper bag or sack is defined as a non-rigid tube-shaped paper container with one or both sides sealed, with an opening to introduce the product.

Paper bag market

As simple as a paper bag may seem, you need to think about it and analyze the conditions around you. For example, in what situations is the use of paper bags necessary? as shopping bags, food service, bakeries, retail stores, and different types of packaging.

You don’t even have to go very far to see the need. How many businesses like this exist in your neighborhood? Many!! and, is that the need for bags is very high for all sectors that sell consumer products. Including a recycled bag in daily life is easy.

However, although the market for paper bags offers many sales opportunities available, it also has great competition. This, because it is a business with a high financial rate of return and low investment costs, is why many companies are investing in the bag market.

But don’t worry! Just because there is competition doesn’t mean you should be scared or inhibited from acting in business. So don’t be afraid to start your own bag company with your machinery, production lines, customize products, among other services.

There is always a new consumer around the corner, looking for a producer that offers them an excellent product, which is recycled, certified, and great service.

Food service companies, grocery store chains, and retail, in general, will always need a functional packaging option. Shopping bags are totally needed. So, as you can see, making and selling paper bags is a good option available for those who want to participate in a growing and plausible market. Welcome to the bag market!

Manufacture of paper bags

For the manufacture of bags role, it is necessary to take into account some aspects such as the location of the plant. You must install the industrial plant that has water, electricity, telephone, a proper production chain, and an office that may be in the industrial plant or elsewhere where the sales center can also work.

The industrial building must have a warehouse and storage of purchased products and finished products in production and remain safe for the work performed and without accidents, Therefore, the plan must comply with the Fire Department.

The industrial warehouse must be between 300 m² and 1,000 m². The design must obey a rule that begins with rolls of paper to feed the machines, then comes to the tables where the papers are tied and then the storage tank of the products are finished.


For the manufacture of a paper bag, entrepreneurs need cutting machines, machines for the model formation of bags, drills, tank tops, compact flexographic machine printing machine for making bags paper with a rectangular bottom and other equipment, and silk tops screen, press, and others.

How is this type of bag made?

To make a kraft paper bag we will need three materials: cardboard, special adhesive to seal each of its parts, and the machinery that allows us to manufacture them.

The first thing we have to do is choose the paper with the weight that our bag requires. In this sense, it must be said that the most widely used kraft paperweights are between 90 and 120 grams per square meter. This paper is stored in large reels and this is how it is loaded into the machine that will handle it to make the referred bags.

Finally, the bags will be assembled and glued with a special adhesive. They will do all of this on a machine in which their parts will have been introduced. With all this, we will obtain an ecological bag, personalized -or not- made of kraft paper, ready to use.

Once we have chosen the weight of the paper, the next step is the printing process. For this, the technique of flexography is a good one, which allows, employing a raised plate on which ink is put, to do what we want in a short time and drying quickly.

The environmental business opportunity

There is one factor that contributes greatly to the success of a paper bag factory: the preservation of the environment. With the flow of information increasing and more affordable, the issue of the environment has become a priority for many people.

The high valuation by consumers and traders of the environmental attributes of reusable, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable bags translates into a growing use of paper bags in all types of commercial establishments. In the fashion, accessories, gift, shoe stores, and optical sectors, 85% of retailers now use paper bags, compared to 70% just two years ago.

Business migration to the paper bags.

For some businesses the use of paper bags is natural. Grocery stores, restaurants, and food services are a classic example of the needs of this type of bag. It is also common to see these bags in some clothing stores and even electronics stores. 

They are cheap, light, resistant, and ecological in a way that not only will you give an eco-friendly touch to your business, but you will also not generate more waste to the environment. These are some of the benefits that many businesses find when they stop using plastic bags and start using paper bags.

1. Help the environment.

Wood, the raw material for making paper, is grown in pine and eucalyptus forest plantations destined for the production of cellulose fiber, which is managed respectfully with the environment.

2. They are reusable.

They can easily be converted into original, inexpensive and handmade packaging for our gifts or they can serve as protective packaging for fragile objects. You just need a little imagination and you will surely find a way to give it a new use. Is not only a grocery bag.

3.Great variety.

There is a great variety of sizes and shapes since their manufacture is not so complex and allows great custom options. Almost every manufacturer offers the printing option as an extra service.

4.They are resistant

In addition to the ecological advantages, the new generation of bags is highly resistant to weight and moisture. So much so that a small bag can support up to 12 kilos and a medium one up to 14 kilos. Perfects for grocery stores! They are also prepared to withstand the humidity generated by refrigerated or frozen foods, making them an excellent option for food service. They are also widely used in grocery stores for the number of sizes available. Due to its great resistance, various items can be carried without damage.

Paper bags in foodservice.

The paper bags are ecological, recyclable, 100% reusable, and biodegradable. They decompose in a limited time and become compost for plants. They are certified by PEFC and FSC, which guarantees that the paper from which they are made comes from controlled logging forests. By having all these characteristics and benefits, we can ensure that the bags are fully suitable for being in contact with food.

Certifications of paper bags.

The FSC (Forest Steardship Council) is an international organization that encourages the sustainable and economically profitable management of the world’s forest resources without unbalancing them.

When the paper that is used to manufacture the bags has these certificates, we make sure that the raw material comes from forests that are used in a sustainable way. There is also the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, this is led by wood entrepreneurs, who are interested in regulating the management of their raw materials, so that it does not end, however, this certification is only valid for Europe.

Kraft paper bags, the customizable ecological material.

Kraft is a kind of thick, coarse brown paper. It is made with the chemical pulp, unbleached, and is subjected to brief cooking. It is very resistant to bursting, tearing, and pulling, among other peculiarities.

The main types of this paper are white, rough, smooth, brown, satin kraft paper, covered with polymers, solid bleached, semi-kraft (made from recycled paper), and kraft paper for bags.

These bags usually come in several colors, but the most requested is the natural kraft color.

It is a recycled, biodegradable paper that comes from renewable materials. And it breaks down quickly, leaving no toxic residue. For a company, it is an excellent type of bag for printing logos and transmitting the brand image. It is also a high-quality item, it is an economical product that does not require large outlays, adaptable to all pockets and needs. 

The advantages of using a kraft paper bag are many. Well, it is a low-cost reusable container with very good resistance. The natural kraft gives an ecological image that helps the image of the company.

The kraft paper bags are indisputably the most requested between businesses. In packaging, kraft paper bags are especially recommended as it is a long-lasting, flexible material that effectively protects against scratches, bumps or all kinds of impacts. 

We must also not forget the ecological aspect that the use of these kraft-type bags implies. These can be easily recycled as they come from a recycled source. Kraft paper now has wide applications and uses and is a successful alternative to plastic because it has a manufacturing process similar to that of recycled paper.

Kraft as packaging.

The applications of kraft paper bags are already very widespread, especially in recent years, that many businesses have opted to produce this material for the presentation of their products due to its minimalist and creative result.

Kraft as design.

The use of kraft paper has also spread to the world of design. This type of paper has gone from having a not very aesthetic connotation to being a high-quality artisan paper widely prefer by professionals. These designs seek to communicate ideas such as originality, tradition, or personality.

Paper bags, a product with a great variety.

In addition to the fact that the market for paper bags has grown exponentially in recent years, part of its success is due to the ease with which the product can be custom.

The quality, sizes, colors, and even certifications of these bags are some of the most sought after characteristics among new customers in this market.

Depending on the packaging needs of each consumer, the producers of paper shopping bags have added more specialized services such as logo printing, specialized design of sizes, etc.

Flat handle bags:

100% recycled material bag. Its quality and versatility allow it to transport different products, adapting to any need. Available in natural kraft or white. Custom sizes available. This bag is certified for the printing process.

American Sacks/bags:

Designed to transport a multitude of items(fruit, vegetables, bread …). A perfect and ecological alternative with an optimized product line thanks to a reinforced square base. Favorite choice of the customers. Wide customization options. They are an excellent option as shopping bags for grocery products and retail stores with great quality. Available in natural kraft.

Curly handle bag:

100% recycled material bag, comfortable and easy to transport. To its versatility and customization options are added the quality of the manufacturing material and its ease of folding. This type of bag is a great option for retail products. The production time will depend on the bag color and size required and of course, quality. The most required color is natural kraft.

A business that rises.

 With the plastic ban on shopping bags in grocery stores, paper bags have become the first choice for shopping bags. With the number of sizes, quality of the product, and its versatility in the world of packaging, these shopping bags have taken a great boom. A recycled bag is a great option for grocery shopping because what many companies prefer because of their low cost.

If you are a manufacturer of these types of bags, you can be sure that there is a large market for their product. Customers have accepted this type of packaging for its number of sizes available, and ease of customization.