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Having been in the packaging game for 16 years, we have seen so many gift bags that fail to do their job and jeopardize the open box experience. 

A custom gift bags are not only just looking good. They supposed to protect your products, reduce waste, and promote your brands. It must meet the customer’s expectation of strength and durability as well.

Huide Packaging has helped thousands of organizations and startups bring their paper bag design to life. You can trust us to handle your gift paper bag demands at any volume with the highest quality you deserve.

How to choose custom gift bags? And how to recycle?

According to some individuals, the hardest part of the gift-giving experience is wrapping it up and packaging it with personalized gift bags. So if the laborious task of measuring, reducing, and taping covering paper isn’t your cup of tea, opt for gift bags instead.

Gift bags cover a specific, worry-free event: position the gift inside, and also– voilà!– you’re done. While gift bags are easy to fix paper bags, they remain in no chance boring. There are plenty of color options and designs that provide personality to the item inside. Some gift bag arrays even include accessories to spruce up the custom gift bag, like tissue paper or gift tags.

Factors to consider when picking personalized gift bags.

Shopping by occasion

Many people purchase gift bags for particular celebrations such as birthday celebrations, wedding celebrations, party or vacations. While these gift bags are themed, there are additionally a lot of all-occasion custom gift bags. These styles are either straightforward and attribute solid color, printed with logo and name, or custom-printed with sparkles or 3D detail.


Many present givers concur it’s valuable to generate a personalized gift bags collection in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Not just does a group fit various events, however, it’s likewise handy to choose the best-fitting favor bag. It’s also handy to have a few gift-specific bags, such as those for bottle wine gifts, small party favors, wedding gifts, or tiny fashion jewelry. Different items need appropriate bags with personalized designs to show a great atmosphere in the business, festival, wedding, or party.


Most gift bags are made with paper and cardboard, most of which are covered in plastic to enhance their framework and toughness. Many paper bag manufacturers offer free design and gift bags custom service, personalized with different color printing and finishings, such as gloss/matte lamination, gold/silver stamping, debossing/embossing, etc. While gift bags have frequently been taken single-use paper products, many are now recycled, naturally degradable, or multiple-use. All are available in Huide; feel free to get help from our customer service; we’ll design a customized gift bag for your wedding, party, and business.

More recently, fabric favor gift bags have risen in an appeal for their eco-conscious designs. Cotton, cloth, or canvas are some of the most common options. There are likewise numerous handmade fabric present bags on the market.


Generally, gift bag handles are made with plastic or sturdy woven paper. Some wedding/party bags have small holes whereby ribbon manages are pulled. Be careful about the spot, do not block the logo or brand name. No matter what handle it is, make sure to save space for color printing, gloss lamination. Different handles results in other custom looks. Custom wedding bag mostly favors the ribbon handle, while custom small party bag favors the cotton handle. Besides, the handle should be strong enough to carry the item.

Handles can be divided into twisted paper handles, cotton handles, ribbon handles, and die-cut handles. They’re all available in Huide; find the one for your shop, party favors, wedding, or business.

Deluxe assortments

Some custom gift bag selections are referred to as deluxe assortments and bundled with additional gift accessories. These worth loads commonly include item tags, cell paper, wedding gift cards, bows, ribbons, or matching table decors.


Present bags sold individually really end up costing one of the most, although they’re just $1 to $6 per pack. Many present bag assortments cost between $10 and also $20. Luxurious gift favor bags selections in addition to sets of custom gift bags can cost as long as $25 or even more. Price varies by many factors. Try your best to include the color, quantity, size, and printings in the shop order for an accurate price.

Provided you neatly fold up a gift bag after each use, it can be reused three or four times. Better-quality gift favor bags, such as those made with heavy cardstock or reinforced details, can be used six times or more. It’s sort of eco-friendly for you to shop for paper bags instead of select plastic bags. Also, the reused paper bags can also save money and create more attractiveness with free design.

Suppose you’re surrounded by endless covering paper, joyful bows as well as Christmas cards this vacation. In that case, it is necessary to note correct reusing protocols– specifically for paper items, the most recycled material in the U.S, according to the Epa.

” Millions of Americans can likewise do their component throughout the holiday season by reusing paper-based items in your home,” Heidi Brock, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Woodland & Paper Organization, claimed in a declaration to the U.S.A. TODAY.

Brock included that a usual mistake people make at the end of the year is “wish cycling.”.

” The act of putting something in the reusing container in the hope that another person will certainly figure out what to do with it in fact hinders the reusing process,” she stated, advising neighborhoods to help educate consumers about local guidelines.

Not everything can enter those blue bins. Glue, ribbons, and also glitter-dusted decorations can block the reusing process. A lot of nonpaper products need to be tossed or reused.

We find each holiday/wedding favor gift wrap is gotten rid of in different ways at the end of the year. Unclear of what to do as you evacuate this season’s festivities in a lasting way? Find answers below.

Wrapping paper

Brock claimed simple covering paper can be reused. Sheets with aluminum foil, shine, and also plastic or poly finishes can not. Extra nonpaper decorations ought to also be avoided, they create more waste and block the way to save planet.

According to Lisa Skumatz, National Recycling Union chairperson, we need to select wrapping paper from your normal curbside mix. It can be reused with special programs for collection as well as a drop-off in some cities.

Attempt reusing wrapping paper that can’t be reused. If Christmas morning causes damages beyond repair, trash it and possibly take into consideration sturdier gift bags to conveniently reuse in the future.

“We do inhibit individuals from utilizing covering paper because it is difficult to recycle as well as rather encourage people to either usage recyclable present bags or other kinds of products or utilize a recyclable product like calendars, maps, etc,” stated Randy Moorman of Ecocycle, a reusing nonprofit in Colorado.

Gift bags

Holiday or wedding gift bags recycling demands resemble covering paper. According to Brock and the American Forest and Paper Association, simple paper bags can be placed in the reusing bin– but not bags made with plastic, aluminum foil, or material.

If a paper bag has rope handles, grains, or various other nonpaper attractive components, eliminate them before reusing.

If your bags do not fit reusing requirements, they will certainly require to be trashed or free recycled. Fortunately is, they are very easy to protect.

Ribbons and bows

Bows and bows are declined at recycling containers. The decors are available to obstruct production at recycling plants.

To fix the issue, “the facility after that needs to close down all the devices so they can enter as well as cut out all the junk,” Peter Spendelow, a materials monitoring specialist for Oregon’s Division of Environmental High Quality, formerly told the U.S.A. TODAY.

When bows, as well as bows, are as well ugly to reuse, trash them. Otherwise, save them for next year — tape can be an excellent substitute adhesive.

Christmas Gift Bags

Do not forget to arrange vacation cards.

According to the American Woodland and also Paper Organization, cards and also envelopes made from paper can be reused. However, those with shine, plastic, or metal accents need to be tossed in the garbage.

Most reusing processes will get rid of stamps.

Any questions about the custom gift bags? Please email us and we’ll help you as best as we can.

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