Custom Envelopes

Custom kraft envelopes are excellent for shipping flexible and soft items such as jewelry, clothing, and makeup. 

Let us help you differentiate your business from the competition by designing a one-of-a-kind kraft paper mailer today!

World-Class Sustainable, Recyclable, Recycled, Compostable, Eco-friendly Packaging Solution

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Promote Your Brand

Custom printed paper mailers and envelopes are very popular in today’s packaging market as an effective and durable shipping alternative. 

Our clients are using them to send small items such jewery and clothing. 

At HDPK, we can help you customize this classic with up to 8 color printing designs to boost your brand recognition, protect your products, and make your customers impressed as quickly as they see their package.

 Forget the plain and outdated paper packaging. 

Put your style and artwork on-screen with budget-friendly paper-based packaging that you’ll proud of. Contact us today!

Why Custom Printed Paper Envelopes?

Custom printed paper envelopes allow you to show your brand and artwork on the packaging without breaking the bank. Paper-based printed packaging that features your logo or artwork inspires consumer self-confidence in your brand name and product. Printed paper packaging permits you to cost-effectively increase brand recognition so you can boost sales and client commitment. See how our customers are customizing paper shipping mailers in our portfolio, and check out a couple of functions of these mailers:

Durable and strong: 

Paper mailing bags are made from 2 sheets of natural kraft paper that are reinforced with fiberglass threads. These mailers will keep contents safe on the journey from your warehouse to their destination.

Versatile to fit your requirements: 

Paper mailers and envelopes are available with an open-end or a peel and seal lip, so you have control over your packaging. They are also readily available in a range of basic sizes and depth capacities. Include customized tissue paper as an appealing filler with brand consistency.

Personalized color and quantities:

When you call us, our experienced sales team will help you figure out the very best style alternatives for your spending plan. We have variable minimums for single color or multiple color print designs to match your expected volume.

Cost Saving:

Custom paper mailers eliminate the requirement for bulky cartons and boxes. Ship more for less with packaging that is sized right for the product. These effective paper mailers help you maintain customer loyalty with affordable shipping and reduce the effect on the environment.

Paper Mailing Bags are the Eco-Friendly Option

While it’s easy to associate paper with recycling, our eco-friendly paper mailing bags make it more than that. These paper mailers are made from 100% recycled content, but they are also eco-friendly, compostable, and recyclable. If being environmentally friendly is a mission of your business, we will assist you in incorporating these packagings’ sustainable functions into your artwork.

The ecological benefits aren’t just in the products themselves. Paper mailing bags, while extremely long-lasting, are made to be lightweight and slim, which means fewer resources are utilized in the production procedure. Smaller-sized packaging makes the shipping process more productive, which lowers the total stress on our environment. HDPK is dedicated to environmental stewardship. If your organization has the same objectives, we ‘d like to work closely with you on packaging needs that assistance our shared values.

Boost Your Brand Recognition

Whether you wish to highlight your logo design and a slogan or want to get creative with an on-brand message or graphic design, paper mailers are the ideal canvas to show your concepts. We provide a wide variety of customization options to help our clients set themselves apart from the competition. Do you wish to spark curiosity in everybody who sees the unopened package? Perhaps you want to share something about your commitment to a cause and how this purchase is contributing to it. A distinct graphic makes an enduring impression, and the right color pattern can form an emotional connection. When you are proud of what’s inside the package, you can have the self-confidence to make the beyond the package an equally unforgettable experience.