We see how much work you’ve put into your paper bag design so when it comes to production, we offer nothing short of the perfect.

We will bring your custom paper bag design to reality with our state of the art flexo printing machines and world-class finishing techniques.

World-Class Sustainable, Recyclable, Recycled, Compostable, Eco-friendly Packaging Solution


Production Capabilities

Faster production is built into our paper bag making machines’ core DNA, creating less material and energy consumption.

Our factory equips with a variety of cutting-edge paper bag finishing machinery, including aminating lines, foil hot stamping lines, debossing/embossing lines, and printers capable of 8-color and water-based eco-friendly flexographic print.

We go above and beyond the required levels to be a quality-oriented and sustainable manufacturer. As such, we have obtained ISO 9001 and FSC certifications.


8-Color, Water-Based Flexo Press

 Our factory equips with multiple state-of-the-art printing machines capable of 8-color,7-color, 6-color water-based flexographic print,  resulting in a smaller environmental footprint for us and for you.



We house a wide range of decorative machines that capable of foil-stamping, spot UV, debossing & embossing, gloss lamination, varnish, silk screening, and combo hot stamping. 

For any further decorative demands, including but not limited to, lithography, digital printing, and metal stamp, we have a network of the professional local supplier.


Faster Production

We house the most specialized automatic paper bag making machinery, maximizing production efficiency while creating less material and energy consumption than traditional bag production.


Assembly Line

We have multiple assembly lines that can adapt to meet your sophisticated paper bag requirements.

Whether is a specific handle demand or creaseless requirements, we can craft it for you.


Quality Control

Quality is our mission at Huide Packaging.

Throughout the manufacturing process, our quality control staff will ensure that every paper bag meets our standards and exceed your expectation.