our story

Established in 2014, Huide Packaging has become one of the top manufacturers of sustainable packaging products. We expanded to a 485,000 sqft new facility in 2020. This expansion enabled us to execute a fully integrated operation that ensures maximum efficiency while minimizing waste and energy consumption.

Our packaging production and customer service were elevated to a world-class level with a clean, solar-powered manufacturing facility, the most specialized equipment and printers, automated production lines, and professional conference rooms.

We believe in pursuing ‘economic growth with a conscience,’ and every product we make is guided by that underlying principle. This allows us to continually meet the needs of our customers, employees, global society, and the future of humanity.


30% of our factory is powered by clean, sustainable solar power, and we continue to invest in energy-efficient machines to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

Our Certifications

Huide Packaging maintains FSC, SEDEX, and ISO-9001 certifications, ensuring that our business practices meet the highest industry standards.

Global Reach

We Have Helped Thousands Of Organizations Bring Their Packaging Designs To Life And Have Exported Quality Paper Bags To Nearly Twenty Countries And Regions.

Our Mission

Our Mission Is To Serve Our Clients By Providing The Highest Quality Packaging Products While Best Meeting Their Needs.


Your satisfaction is our priority. Our team takes the time to understand each client’s purchasing system, budgeting, and distribution requirements, tailoring unique solutions for every client.


Our in-house design team and engineering professionals collaborate with you, assisting through each phase of your packaging project.



We maintain rigorous on-site quality control programs, ensuring every packaging product we produce meets our standards and exceeds your expectations.


Our production is ISO 9001, FSC, and SEDEX certified, and undergoes continuous, stringent auditing and approval processes by our global customers.


Huide Packaging Has Been Helping Our Clients Go Above And Beyond, Exceeding Expectations And Impressing Their Customers For Over 10 Years!


We’re excited to collaborate with you. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please reach out to us through the following contact details:
Eco-friendly Paper Bag Manufacturer
Sales Company: Xiamen Huide Xiesheng Packaging Co., Ltd.
Production Company: Xiamen Huide Eco-friendly Paper Bag Co., Ltd.
Address:NO.300 Xinshu Road, Xinxu Town, Xiang’an District, Xiamen, China



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