Not many people spend their time thinking about packaging solutions – but we do! 

About Huide Packaging

Our Story

Established in 2005, Huide Packaging has been one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable packaging products. 

We have expanded to a 485,000 sqft new facility in 2020. This expansion was to execute a fully integrated operation that ensures maximum efficiency and minimum waste & energy consumption.

Our packaging production and customer service were upgraded to a world-class level with the clean, solar-powered manufacturing facility, the most specialized equipment & printers, automated production lines, professional conference rooms …

We believe in pursuing ‘economic growth with a conscious,’ and every product we made is guided by that underlying principle. This allows us to continually meet the needs of our customers, our employees, our world society and the future of humanity.

Our Promises​

Our mission is to serve our clients by providing the highest quality packaging products in a way that best meets their demands.


quality paper bag supplier

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Our team takes time to understand each client’s purchase system, budgeting, and distribution requirements. We tailored a unique solution for every client.


paper bag design

Our in-house design team and engineering professionals will collaborate with you, assisting you through each phase of your packaging project.


paper bag quality control

We maintain on-site QC programs ensuring every packaging product we made meets our standard and exceed your expectation.


Paper Bag Supplier

Our production is ISO 9001 & FSC® (license code: FSC-C133784) certified and undergoes continuous the strictest audit and approval processes of our customers throughout the globe.

Our Certifications

We go beyond the required standards to be a quality-driven and sustainable Chinese producer. As such, we have received ISO 9001 and FSC® (license code: FSC-C133784) certificates.

ISO9001 Certified Factory

A commitment to robust processes isn’t just a talking point – Huide Packaging is ISO9001 certified to meet industry-best standards for business practices.

Over the years, ISO standardization’s manufacturing discipline has helped us create the framework for ensuring that all essential processes are fully documented, trained on, and adhered to.

FSC Certified Factory

In a world where sustainability is a must-have element, Huide Packaging’s customers can be confident that they’re choosing a responsible solution that they can be proud of.

We source the paper we use from responsibly managed forests, which have a stringent chain of custody processes in place to meet FSC® (licence code: FSC-C133784) certificate requirements. 


Our factory is powered by clean, sustainable solar power as we take corporate social responsibility and environmental protection seriously. 

In addition, we continue to invest in energy-efficient machines to reduce our footprint even further.

Solar Powered Paper Bag Factory