Getting practical but impressive packaging shouldn’t have to be complicated.

At HDPK, we are not only just a custom paper box manufacturer. We provide the world’s best one-stop custom packaging solution, easier and more affordable to everyone, everywhere.



Every brand and product needs a packaging strategy.

From concept to delivery, from design to production, our dedicated packaging specialists will tailor a unique packaging solution for you and guide you every step of the way.

Factory-direct prices & no middleman fees. 
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Take advantage of our specialized design team, which, for a small fee, can create an exceptional structural and graphic design for your custom paper boxes to help your brand and product stand out from the crowd.


Endless Custom Options

We’ve collected a curated library of paper board materials, coating options, and we’re always on the hunt for the most cutting-edge finishing techniques.



Quality Custom Boxes

Our ISO 9001 certified factory ensures that the highest quality management system is being developed.

Our cutting-edge paper boxes making machines maximize productivity while decreasing environmental impact.

Our expert engineers maintain these machines operating smoothly, guaranteeing no delays, color differences, or quality issues.


End to End Delivery

We will take care of your entire logistics process to help you save time and costs by strategically arranging how and when your packaging ships from our factory to your doorstep.


Ship your online orders, subscription boxes, and promotional kits in top-quality Custom Kraft Paper Boxes.

Crafted from durable corrugated cardboard, we assure your orders are fully protected. When you ship them to your customers, they’ll be amazed to reveal your product in their next unboxing Vlog.

Our custom printed mailer box printing services let you customize every packaging detail, from choosing a custom paper to performing the most impressive visual artwork and logos. Contact us today for a factory-direct quote!


每一个 定制牛皮纸纸盒 专为您打造。您甚至可以自定义牛皮纸纸盒内外的每一英寸,而我们的尖端机器将保证您喜欢成品包装盒的质量。立即与我们联系!

无论您是在店内展示商品还是将商品交付给客户, 定制牛皮纸纸盒 可以增强您的品牌知名度。

定制印刷包装盒 尽管他们绝对支持,但不仅仅是提高客户体验。它们还涉及广告您的品牌,向您的产品展示世界以及向世界展示您的品牌。在客户看到您的产品之前,他们将首先看到包装盒。设计定制打印的纸盒,使您可以立即推广品牌,同时吸引客户来打开它。您的包装设计可以帮助您招待客户以及查看您的自定义包装盒设计的任何潜在买家。




Yes. Just send us an email, including your custom box style, size, material, and quantity. We promise we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can even upload your custom boxes packaging design file by filling in our inquiry form. As a manufacturer directly, we guarantee to provide the most competitive quote while maintaining your custom packaging box quality.

如果要在Adobe Illustrator中创建礼品盒设计,则可以将文件上传到我们的查询表中,或向我们发送电子邮件。您的礼品盒项目的准确报价将尽快提供给您。此外,如果您不信任自己或不擅长使用Adobe,我们的专业设计团队可以设计纸盒。 HDPK甚至提供免费的定制纸包装设计咨询。立即与我们联系!


大多数自定义运送箱订单的标准交货时间为10-15个工作日。这些周转时间不包括运输时间(7-30个工作日,具体取决于您的运输方式)。 HDPK每月可生产超过2000万张纸包装产品。如果您需要短暂的周转时间来填补运输箱的短缺,请与我们联系,我们可能会为您提供帮助。 



当然!我们可以在所有自定义瓦楞纸箱产品的内部打印,包括邮寄箱,邮件箱和自定义运输箱。 HDPK在这里可以帮助您创建最具吸引力的印刷邮件箱,以打动您的客户。

作为来自中国的ISO 9001认证制造商,HDPK在保持高质量的同时,为定制印刷盒提供了业界最具竞争力的价格。我们根据定制包装盒的订购量提供数量折扣。立即与我们联系以了解更多信息!